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I’m now getting disturbed, annoyed, pissed, disappointed and disgusted with some of CN Blue’s fans. Those fans are so ARRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!! I feel sorry for CN Blue for having fans like that. It’s really ruining their reputation a little. Even though I’m a Boice, I feel frustrated about this since some honestly ruin it for the whole fandom, it makes us all look bad you know? As a Boice, I really think it’s really a bad thing to bash SNSD’s Seohyun!Bashing her just because she’s close with the CN Boys? Bashing her because she starred on We Got Married as Yonghwa’s wife and CN Boys’ sister-in-law? Bashing her because she composed Banmal Song with Yonghwa during the show and performed it live with him in Niigata, Japan after filming WGM? Bashing her because she still keeps in touch and have a good friendly relationship with the CN Blue members even after the said variety reality show? So lame! I believe that this “bashing” is just not really polite! What right do you have to be completely disrespectful to Seohyun? I guess someone needs to teach them some manners. Honestly, I’m really upset over this! How can these people have so little shame? How can you be so rude and insulting towards someone who is a sunbae to your idol and even more importantly, she’s someone you don’t know to speak to in such a harsh way. These obsessive fans should know that because of We Got Married, CN Blue became more popular since the boys were frequently featured. Remember, many SONES became BOICES because of the show and I’m one of them. That’s why Boices should learn how to be grateful. The reason why I hate K-fandom? Is that many fans are scary, crazy and immature. They act like big children, never think carefully about others’ feelings except themselves, they even sometimes hurt their idols. I know fans make an idol, but don’t they think they are too demanding? Obviously such fans should learn how to respect! Please be considerate and polite when commenting. THANKS! =.=

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    I am ashamed to ADMIT that its VERY true! BOICE all over the world please let’s not make CNBLUE think that their FANS -...
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    YOU really deserve a piece of Sungjong from me.
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    correct! there are boices who show their ugly true colors already. .”some” boice needs to be taught of some moral...
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    YOU really deserve a piece of Sungjong from me.
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    this bish calling herself a boice. no bish. u’re not a boice. never was a boice. not even close
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    tbqh, I was just gonna ignore this until I saw this line: "Remember, many SONES became BOICES because of the show and...
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    Never knew these existed. :( But I read somewhere that these fans may be purely YH fans instead of Boices. Maybe, maybe.
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